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Why It’s Best To Check If You Need Building Regulations Approval For A Solid Roof

Time can drag when you have to spend such a long period indoors, but not if you make the most of it and use your house to the max. If you have a conservatory, we hope you have been going in there to home-school the kids and have your video-calls with your friends. 

Solid Tiled Roof Orangery

That won’t be an option that’s open to all conservatory owners though. We refer to those who have a conservatory with an out-dated roofing system, the root cause of their extension overheating around this time of year. 

It can’t be done right now, for obvious reasons, but changing the roof for a solid roof is how you solve this issue. However, we wouldn’t recommend you do that until you have confirmation of whether you need building regulations approval to have a roof upgrade.

It varies between local authorities as to if a solid roof needs building regulations approval. 

The decision will rest on whether the conservatory has the structural integrity to sustain the weight of a solid roof, which though very lightweight, can become heavy when it has a dense covering of snow. 

According to the double glazing industry’s leading trade association, the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF), installing a solid roof to an existing extension triggers a changing of its status, causing it to become a permanent structure, rather than a temporary one. In such an event, getting prior guidance from your local authority building control team is strongly recommended. 

When you appoint Permaframe, we will acquire that guidance for you and won’t proceed with an installation until we have official confirmation that it meets with the rules. 

If any solid roof ‘specialist’ instantly tells you that building regulations approval will not be necessary for a solid roof installation, they’re just relying on guesswork.

This guesswork could come to hurt you in the future as without a building regulations certificate, when you should have one, you may have problems selling your home. You have to pass on this documentation to the next incumbent of the property so that they have evidence of the solid roof complying with building standards. Without it, you will have no other choice but to try and obtain retrospective building regulations approval from LABC (Local Authority Building Control) and you will have to pay for the privilege of, hopefully, getting it. 

Abide by all the rules and do things the right way, and a solid roof is guaranteed to add plenty of pounds to the price tag of your property. 

We have Private Appointments on offer for customers interested in buying a solid roof or you can still have a FREE Virtual Appointment to get one organised.

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