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BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Permaframe’s Top 5 Energy Saving Tips

We’re just a few days away now from the start of Big Energy Saving Week which runs from 21st – 27th January, a national annual campaign organised by Citizens Advice.

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The purpose of the campaign is to raise public awareness of how to save money on energy costs, something that millions of UK homeowners are seeking to do as the cost of household fuel continues to dramatically rise.

Ahead of Big Energy Week commencing, we all got our heads together at Permaframe to come up with 5 of our best energy saving ideas…

  1. Move to another energy supplier

Switching energy supplier has been made much easier in recent times but there’s still a reluctance to switch amongst some and they’re paying the price for their inaction.

The Energy Saving Trust recently found that nine million households have been on the same energy deal for the past six years and as a consequence have overpaid by £1,500. This statistic alone should be enough to persuade anybody to look for a more affordable energy package via a comparison website.

  1. Get new windows & doors put in

You’re unlikely to be paying over the odds for energy if you have windows and doors offering a high standard of thermal efficiency, something that your current windows and doors may not be.

When purchasing new windows and doors pay attention to their energy rating as this indicates how energy efficiency the product is. Our windows are A+ energy rated as standard which is just about the best you can get when it comes to thermal performance. A FREE quote for them can be requested here.

  1. Don’t overcharge mobile devices

It’s difficult to live without your phone, laptop or tablet and these devices need regular charging to keep them working.

When you put any of them on charge keep an eye on the power bar as you should remove the plug as soon as the battery level reaches 100%. Overcharging a device won’t just drain the battery life but it will also cost you money as energy will continue to be consumed.

  1. Set your heating using the timer

During the winter months, there are only certain times in the day that you need to have your heating turned on such as when you’re getting up in the morning or arriving home after being at work.

Use the timer function on your heater and set your heating to come on and go off as and when you need it to rather than leaving it on when it doesn’t need to be on.

  1. One boil of the kettle is enough

An estimated 165 million cups of tea are drunk daily in the UK – that’s a lot of kettles being boiled up and down the country!

Only ever boil your kettle at the exact time that you want to pour yourself a cup as boiling a full kettle costs around 2.5p. There’s no reason to boil it and then boil it again a few moments later.


Make BIG energy savings with the help of Permaframe – request a callback to find out how.






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