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Boo-tiful Ways To Decorate Your Windows And Doors For A Spook-tacular Halloween

Spooktacular decorations for your home

Halloween is almost upon us and what better way to get into the spirit of things than to decorate our homes for the fun-filled occasion?

The 31st of October isn’t just about fancy dress costumes and sweets. Decorations in the home can really dial up the spooky atmosphere. 

Luckily, you don’t have to take inspiration from Hollywood’s over-the-top displays to make an impact on your neighbours. Follow our advice on simple touches you can add to your windows and doors for a suitably scary transformation.

Bring out an autumnal wreath

It’s no surprise why autumn is many people’s favourite season. The crisp and colourful leaves, wrapping up in scarves and jumpers for a walk in the fresh air, and cosy evenings by the fire make it a firm favourite. 

Adding a wreath to represent everything that’s loved about the season is a great way to add some tasteful decor to your door. It works for Halloween and beyond (perhaps even until you are ready to replace it with a Christmas wreath!).

Autumnal wreath

Create an ominous entrance

Whether you are inviting friends over or just eagerly awaiting this year’s trick-or-treaters, a spooky entrance works to up your home’s kerb-appeal.

Adding pumpkins of various sizes is a great way to line your entrance and doorway. Get carving pumpkins with classic toothy grins, or get inspiration from Pinterest for something a little more skilfully scary. 

Don’t forget to add some battery powered lights to the pumpkins so they can be their most effective when the sun goes down.

A final touch in making a Halloween-inspired entrance is adding a fun doormat. A doormat adds personality to a house and there are hundreds of options for Halloween. Whether you want something simple and cute or sinister and scary, you’ll find the perfect balance for your home.

Pumpkin patch

Experiment with lights

Experiment with your home’s lighting to transform the mood ready for Halloween. By replacing porch lights with coloured bulbs, you can create a forbidding glow in red, orange or even green. 

Hang string lights around your windows (coloured or clear) and add jars on window sills filled with fairy lights for a mystical look. You can even find novelty ghost-shaped lights for an extra supernatural feel.

Lights around windows

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