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Bring The Outside In! Install Bi-Folding Doors From Permaframe

After one of the worst winters in recent memory it looks as though weather conditions will heat up over the coming days with the bonus of brilliant sunshine.

Tiled Roof Orangery with Bi-Folding Doors

Scientists have found that sunshine has a massively positive impact on our wellbeing helping to improve our mood and the transference of natural light indoors can also make interiors seem larger than they actually are. To let in more of the spring / summer sun into your property, fit bi-folding doors in your conservatory, orangery or have them integrated into any available wall space at its rear.

Bi-folding doors are a unique door solution. As they glide along their track, the various door leafs included in the design elegantly fold inwardly or outwardly and can be fully concertinaed to one end. They also have incredibly slender frames and extremely elongated glazed panes, the reason why they can allow so much light to pass through them.

You can have anything from a 2 pane bi-fold door to a 7 pane bi-fold door if it can be accommodated. Obviously, a 7 pane long bi-folding door will give you a giant opening. It’s also possible to implement 90° Corner and Bay Sets where possible if you want a real showstopping addition.

The additional light that floods in isn’t the only benefit of a bi-folding door

Outdoor connection

A bi-folding door can help you seamlessly link spaces such as your interior and garden. In the summer months, imagine the use you will get out of the garden as you won’t be able to help yourself from using it to create a garden opening from the indoors, something that’s great for ventilation too.

Selling point

The very look of a bi-folding door is enough to get people interested in your home when selling as they’ll see that you’re a forward-thinking householder – they’re so impressive. It could be one of the things that will entice people into putting in an offer.

Thermally efficient

When left in a closed position, bi-folding doors offer a very high standard of thermal efficiency. Stand close to them in summer and you’re likely to feel some heat coming through, but not too much. In winter, they’ll do the opposite and keep out the weather.  

Permaframe is the best place to buy bi-folds

If the sun has put a spring in your step and made you want a set of bi-folding doors, speak to Permaframe. Book an appointment to find out how we can make them an integral part of your residence.


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