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Brits Finding It Harder To Make Ends Meet

The cost of living continues to cause financial strain for many. A detailed survey conducted by Resolution Foundation has discovered that one in five people living in Britain are struggling to pay for food and energy bills. Those surveyed also stated that they expected their financial worries to increase further over the next 12 months.

Gavin Kelly, Chief Executive of the Resolution Foundation said: “This news is especially worrying as it suggests consumers are still under great strain as inflation remains stubbornly high and earnings growth is on the floor.

“Many low to middle income households are already struggling just to stay afloat and will see yet another fall in their real wages this year alongside big cuts to tax credits.”

We find ourselves in new territory as far as living costs are concerned. Not only has the cost of food and energy rose, but clothes, maintenance and home improvement costs have also increased sharply.

However, without doubt the biggest rise in recent times has been the cost of energy bills. The average energy bill now stands at over £1,200 per year, a figure that many simply cannot afford.

Due to this they are faced with a tough decision, do they shoulder the burden or go without heat even when they need it? Many are choosing the latter option simply because they have no other alternative, which explains why fuel poverty figures continue to increase.

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