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Death Of The Bungalow? Extend Yours With A Lean-To

It seems almost incomprehensible but the Papworth Trust, which specialises in helping people with disabilities live independently, has estimated that the year 2020 could see the building of the country’s very last bungalows.

Lean-To Conservatory

Their claim comes a result of figures obtained by The National Federation of House Builders showing that just 2 per cent of new build properties in 2013 were bungalows, this is despite them still being popular amongst the British public.

If this proves to be the case then you have to feel for those who have difficulty climbing stairs and rely on this type of property to allow them to live an unrestricted home life.

Those who already take residence in a bungalow and anxious for more space, who are reluctant to move to alternative accommodation, may be surprised to know that they could have a conservatory installed to solve the problem, namely a so-called ‘Lean-to’ design.

The low-pitched roof of a bungalow makes certain designs incompatible but the Lean-to conservatory has a low-pitched roof of its own and can be integrated into even the smallest and most awkward of spaces.

It may look incredibly sleek and have an unfussy appearance about it but it still offers a generous amount of usable space that you can utilise however suits you best e.g. playroom, lounge, dining area. It is also highly affordable in comparison to some of the more extravagant designs out there and when you weigh up its usefulness to what it costs, it further justifies the investment.

Because there’s less spaciousness to it than say an Edwardian or Victorian conservatory, it will also cost you less money to heat it so it’s a money saver in every respect.

We have a Lean-to conservatory on display in our showroom so come and assess its merits for yourself.

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