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The Effect A+ Energy Efficient Windows Will Have On Your Home

Buying replacement windows for your home is something that you will only usually do once, so it is important to make the right decision – purchasing A+ energy efficient windows will be a perfect choice.

White UPVC Windows

It is very easy to identify the standard of energy efficiency offered by a replacement window as they’re labelled in a similar fashion to white goods. Currently, A++ windows are the most thermal efficient windows you can buy, with E-rated windows supplying the lowest level of thermal efficiency. In simple terms, the higher the window energy efficiency rating, the more beneficial it will be to you.

The energy rating issued to a window covers the frame material and design, the glazing and the various other window components included.

Window designs such as our casement and sash windows come supplied with an A+ energy rating as standard for the following three reasons:

  1. Increased comfort

Any chilliness you previously felt indoors will disappear once energy efficient windows have been integrated into your home as they will leave your living space cosy and warm. Never again will you feel draughts passing in and it will make home living much more pleasurable.

  1. Cheaper energy bills

Don’t be put off by the cost of energy efficient windows as what you need to bear in mind is how much they will save you in the long-term. Your initial investment will easily be recouped over their expected lifespan as you can expect much cheaper energy bills.

  1. Lower carbon footprint

A reduced reliance on your heating system will aid the environment and cut your carbon footprint as there will be less of a strain on essential natural resources. For large parts of the year you can afford to keep your heating down, and indeed, turn it off completely during the warm summer months as the windows will heat your home for you.

Get every window style & colour at Permaframe

Permaframe stocks a very impressive selection of energy efficient windows and we guarantee you will find a window style and colour that suits the character of your property.

You’re just a FREE quote away from securing replacement windows that will deliver the energy efficiency every modern-day home needs.


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