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Energy Bills Becoming Scarily Expensive? How To Keep Them Down

As we head into the cold winter months and temperatures outside begin to drop, the cost of your energy bills may be doing the total opposite, and starting to rise.  

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If they’re already dramatically higher than they have been over the past few months, it means that your house isn’t insulated properly, and it could also be down to certain habits you have, but it’s something that’s easily resolved when you have the necessary know-how.

Here are some easily implementable steps you can take to cut your energy costs and boost your bank account…

Get a smart meter

You’re less likely to waste energy if you can see how much energy is being consumed and how much it’s costing you each time you e.g. boil the kettle or turn on the boiler, which you can do when you have a smart meter.

Every home in England, Scotland and Wales is entitled to get one of these ‘in-home displays’ installed by 2020, so speak to your energy supplier if you haven’t got one already.

Get your boiler serviced

It won’t help your cause if your boiler isn’t running as efficiently as it should be. Having a qualified engineer inspect your boiler will confirm whether it could be performing better than it is, and you may be recommended to replace the boiler.

Buy the most energy efficient boiler you can afford to maximize your energy savings, and from then on, get it serviced annually, not least because it will reduce the chances of it breaking down.

Get new windows and doors

We’ve saved the best tip till last!

If you have a particularly old set of windows and doors, chances are they are responsible for excess heat loss and draughts. They may also be single glazed, and a single pane of glass rarely does a sufficient job of insulating spaces.

You should replace them at the soonest opportunity, preferably before winter’s here, with UPVC or aluminium windows, and a composite door, to create a cosier feel indoors and stop you needing to crank up the thermostat.


Winterise your home with Permaframe now to make energy bills less of a financial strain. Our replacement windows and doors will save you masses of money, and they’re all showcased in our Frome showroom.


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