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Energy Saving Tips For The Summer

Warmer weather is purportedly on its way as we enter the spring season and fast approach summer meaning that you should be able to lessen your reliance on your heating system and save some serious money on energy bills.

If you haven’t already we suggest that you replace any old windows and doors are they’re a known cause of heat loss and draughts and could be costing you more money than you think. Exchange them for a brand new set of energy efficient windows and doors from Permaframe as they will transfer the warmth of the sun directly into your home and keep it stored so that your internal surrounds feel entirely comfortable.

The savings you make as a consequence of investing in new windows and doors will immediately become noticeable.

To make further savings take heed of these other handy energy saving tips:

• Turn all lights off in the house whenever you leave the place empty or go to bed.
• Unplug any mobile devices the moment they have charged as overcharging them will unnecessarily cost you money.
• Hang the washing outside on fair days rather than put them on the radiator or use a tumble dryer.
• When you feel chilly indoors put on an extra layer of clothing instead of cranking the heating up.
• Only boil the kettle with as much water as you need.
• Update any old appliances e.g. fridge freezer, microwave, washing machine and replace them with a modern alternative that offers a high Energy Rating.
• Leave the oven door open after cooking to let the heat circulate around the kitchen.
• Purchase some steamers so that you can cook vegetables all on the one hob.

For more useful energy-related hints or if you’ve fallen in love with our home improvements pay a visit to our showroom and speak to a consultant.

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