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Enhance Your Home’s Kerb Appeal With A New Porch

It’s human nature that we largely critique the properties we see around us by their appearance from the outside, particularly the condition of their front entrances – a front entrance is widely regarded as being the ‘face’ of a house.

Brick Porch on Rear of Property

An unimpressive front entrance can be a total turn-off, especially when you’re selling and trying to entice buyers to meet your asking price.

If you feel that your front entrance is failing your home’s overall kerb appeal, you should have one of our immensely stylish UPVC, aluminium or brick porches integrated into it to give it the most fabulous facelift.

Orion will craft the perfect porch

Any porch that you have fitted should complement and improve the character of your house. Permaframe will come out to the property to get familiar with how it looks before going on to craft a suitable porch. Our objective will be to incorporate a porch that you could easily mistake for always having been part of the building.

Once we’re done, we promise that it will be one of the standout features of the exterior of the house, something that you may want to emphasise further by adding potted plants, hanging baskets or a form of lighting around it.

And, it won’t just make for a better-looking home! You’ll also have a far more secure home to live in.

We include high security hinges and handles, multi-point locking systems, dog bolts and anti-bump/snap cylinders in our full suite of porches to stop them from being forced open when they’re locked.

With a porch also comes lots of useful space. You can use it as a storage point for keeping any jackets, coats, shoes etc. out of the way until you need to grab them on your way out.

Be advised though that certain porches will require planning permission / building regulations approval ahead of them being built. Permaframe will clarify the position with your local authority ahead of starting work.


You will feel so much prouder of your home after Permaframe has permanently made a porch a part of it. Get a FREE quote and you’ll see how affordable a porch can be.








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