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How To Establish A Cottage Feel And Look At Your Home

How to give your home a cottage look and feel

When planning a UK break in winter, many of us gravitate towards cosy cottages for accommodation because there’s a cosiness about them, which is just what you want in this kind of weather. 

If you don’t live in a cottage yourself, you don’t have to book into or move into one to enjoy this kind of home lifestyle, no matter if your property is traditional or contemporary. 

With hardly any effort and just a few modifications, you can give it a cottage-like feel and look.

The feel: make the space warm and inviting 

It is impossible to give your house the relevant feel if it doesn’t feel warm enough inside during the cold winter months. 

A lit fire that distributes warmth effectively will remedy that, as will the placing of blankets and throws on furniture, But perhaps even more importantly, you need thermally efficient windows and doors to keep this heat trapped in. 

Having a gas or electric fire on full blast for long periods will cost you money, but you don’t need to do that if your windows and door successfully insulate it. 

With all this welcome warmth, you will also benefit from a much cheaper energy bill, justifying the investment into new windows and doors.

Internal shot of a grey window

The look: implement a cottage aesthetic

Once you have the right level of warmth internally, the next step is to attend to your current decor. 

The cottagecore fashion aesthetic is the obvious movement to emulate and has exploded in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic. Inspired by a romantic interpretation of rural life, it won’t cost you much to incorporate it into your abode, as thousands of home renovators have found. 

Adding vintage floral prints and patterns is imperative and you can do that with your soft furnishings, like having floral-patterned curtains, wallpaper and drawer knobs, which will perfectly encapsulate the look. 

Pastel-coloured windows and doors are also in keeping with the aesthetic and sure to give your home a vibrant appearance during the dark winter months. Fill some jugs with water and pop in some fresh flowers for displaying on your window sills.

A bedroom area

What you don’t want is windows and doors that are faithful to a cottage-look, but offer a poor standard of insulation. You won’t need to worry about that if they’re bought from Permaframe. 

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