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What Exactly Is UPVC And Why Is It So Good?

If you have browsed our full product range, you will have noticed that we manufacture many of them using UPVC, including our conservatories, windows, doors and roofline. 

White UPVC Windows

It’s such a great material for constructing home improvement solutions, one that’s been around since 1935. 

In case you don’t know what the ‘UPVC’ stands for, it’s an abbreviation for Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride. We term it as ‘UPVC’, and some others call it ‘PVCu’ or just ‘PVC’, which is exactly the same material. 

You may be old enough to remember UPVC windows and doors first gaining popularity in this country in the 1980’s and 90’s, and they still largely have the same appeal to this day. 

Why wouldn’t they, when you consider the multiple benefits of UPVC windows and doors? 

They’re the most affordable option for those on a budget that won’t stretch to cover the cost of hardwood timber or aluminium windows and doors. 

If you’ve ever felt a UPVC frame you will also know that the material is incredibly robust, and fully weather-resistant. When it needs a clean, a wet cloth will sort it, rather than a paintbrush. 

This strength does not weaken over time, as can happen with pure plastic. It has a vinyl polymer that binds chlorine atoms to the frame, which means that it works well together with steel. 

As for insulation, UPVC really impresses in that regard too. 

Nowadays, you would expect nothing less than at least a ‘C’ energy rating for new UPVC windows and doors, which will make such a difference to your energy bills. They’ll also comply with building regulations, which is very important when it comes to selling.

Back when UPVC windows and doors first became popular, you didn’t have much choice other than to have a white coloured finish. Things have changed, and they come in so many more colours now, and also with a woodgrain effect, if you want windows and doors that look like they’re built using timber. 

Now do you understand why we love UPVC so much? You will love it too after the installation of our UPVC windows and doors. Visit our Special Offers page for a great deal on them.

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