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How To Fashionably Update Your Conservatory Décor

Like all the other rooms in your house, the inside of your conservatory needs to look on-trend.

Edwardian Conservatory Internal View

If you’re a long-time conservatory owner, but you haven’t updated your décor in several years, chances are that it will feel tired and out of date.

Here’s the acid test to find out whether your conservatory décor needs modernising.

Walk around and inspect the interior, before asking yourself if it still moves and excites you as much as it used to. If not, it’s very easy to rectify that.  

You just need to know what’s currently trendy in conservatory interior. Permaframe can supply you with that information…


For guidance on colour, we only need to turn to the colour experts at Pantone and Dulux.

Just prior to the end of last year, Pantone announced that Living Coral would be their colour of the year for 2019, a peachy orange shade.

Dulux on the other hand, opted to choose a warm amber tone as their colour of the year, Spiced Honey.

Since then, we have seen both colours injected into conservatory interiors across the world through fabrics, soft furnishings, paint etc. and anticipate them continuing to be hot favourites for at least the next six months.


There isn’t a machine in the world that can produce pieces of conservatory furniture with the attention to detail you get from a handmade item of furniture.

People have recognised that and it has sparked a shift towards handcrafted furniture such as cane chairs and sofa sets, and taken the emphasis away from mass-produced furniture.

Furniture with that personal touch guarantees you of something unique, rather than something that you know is exactly the same as what others own.


The words ‘finishing touches’ and ‘accessories’ are pretty interchangeable when it comes to conservatory interiors as every conservatory needs accessorising to complete its look.

‘Accessories’ can cover all sorts of items, but for the purpose of this piece, we are going to focus on blinds and curtains.

After some measuring up, look out for window coverings with floral patterns in pink and purple for the summer months, and complement them with fabrics in the same colour family.  

If you fancy going retro, without being left with something old-fashioned, try blinds with Geometric shapes and bold prints.


Use our customers as inspiration for your conservatory décor too. Visit our Living Spaces page to see what they did with their conservatory interiors.


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