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Find Out The Differences Between UPVC, Aluminium And Timber

The winter weather will have got the better of homes that still have traditional wooden windows and doors fitted as they are notoriously poor at keeping out the cold.

The leap in temperatures is the ideal time for the owners of such properties to replace their old windows and doors.

When opting to do this they will typically find that most window and door suppliers offer replacement windows and doors in three different types of material – UPVC, aluminium and timber.

Choosing between UPVC, aluminium and timber is difficult, but perhaps less so if you have an understanding of their most notable upsides and downsides:

5 key characteristics of UPVC

  • Usually more affordable than aluminium and timber
  • Offers excellent thermal efficiency to help reduce the cost of heating bills
  • It needs virtually no maintenance, just the occasional clean with a wet cloth to remove any marks or dirt
  • Has a shorter lifespan than aluminium and timber as reflected by the usual length of a UPVC window guarantee
  • The thickness of a UPVC frame means that it accommodates a smaller pane of glass than an aluminium frame, resulting in less sunlight forcing its way into your homr

5 key characteristics of Aluminium

  • It is immensely strong in comparison to most window materials
  • It can be moulded to create very slender window frames, allowing for a generous integration of glass
  • Extremely durable and can preserve its colour
  • Its recyclability makes it environmentally-friendly
  • Some argue that the thermal insulation it provides is of a poorer quality than UPVC and timber

5 key characteristics of Timber

  • The woodgrain effect has universal appeal and makes for a hugely aesthetically appealing design
  • When first installed, wood offers excellent heat insulation
  • More expensive to buy than UPVC
  • It demands frequent maintenance otherwise the wood deteriorates in appearance and gaps appear in the frames
  • However, when looked after properly it can have a lengthy lifespan

Hopefully this will give you a firmer idea of which window material is best for you.

Just remember to take into consideration the type of property you live in before buying as aluminium windows and doors are unlikely to complement an old country cottage, whilst timber windows and doors will look a little out of place in a contemporary apartment.

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