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Find Out What A Cavity Tray Is And Whether Your Conservatory Needs One

A cavity tray is made up of a number of trays and acts as an internal moisture or water barrier. Its job is to prevent rainwater from entering into a cavity wall to stop damp occurring, particularly above windows and doors.

Cavity Tray

When rainwater soaks any external brickwork it subsequently advances into the cavity between the inner and outer walls. This should be taken into consideration when adding a conservatory or orangery as the present external wall will then become the rear internal wall of the new structure.

Is the extra cost of a cavity tray worth it?

We cannot give you a definitive answer to this question, however, when you appoint Permaframe for a conservatory installation we will visit your property to judge whether there’s the possibility of damp being caused during heavy rainfall. It isn’t a secret that contemporary brickwork can be somewhat porous and that’s why you will sometimes see small plastic vents above ground level windows and doors.

Referred to as ‘weepers’, these plastic vents provide an opening for rainwater to pour out when it comes into contact with the lintel that supports the brickwork above the windows and doors. The inclusion of weepers doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need for a cavity tray!

We also check to see whether the positioning and height of the relevant side of the house will make it more susceptible to being hit by heavy rain. The volume of brickwork above the ground floor windows and doors will also be looked at as this could have a bearing on the level of potential absorption.

What should be at the forefront of your mind when deciding whether to invest in a cavity tray or not is something that’s forever unpredictable – the British weather.

Average yearly rainfall in the UK has increased in recent years and this will necessitate the need for a cavity tray more than it would have done 5 or 10 years ago. Indeed, Permaframe is regularly appointed for retrospective cavity tray fittings.

In conclusion, if you are worried about damp becoming an issue further down the line in your conservatory it would be prudent to include a cavity tray in your home extension plans.

For any further information about cavity trays, please contact us.  

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