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Five Guaranteed Home Improvement Money Spinners

Improving your home isn’t just about making your home a nicer place to live, it’s also about increasing its value and making it a more attractive proposition to buyers if you ever decide to sell up.

Green Aluminium Windows

You may have no intention of putting your property on the market in the short-term but it could hugely work in your favour to take a long sighted view and invest in home improvements now.

Here are a few proven ways of adding value to the place you currently call home:


Most conservatories can be fitted without any need for planning permission beforehand so long as the design adheres to the guidelines laid out. The added floor space within a conservatory is what makes it so alluring to buyers as it gives them an extra living area that they can utilise however they see best. Value-wise it can add anything up to 20% onto the property price.

Windows and Doors

Your home will look completely refreshed once you have exchanged any old and/or rotting timber windows and doors for a brand new window or door design as they will give it a huge aesthetic lift and no doubt impress those who see it. Doing so will also pay off in other ways as no maintenance will be necessary.


A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference to the main areas of the house e.g. kitchen, living room, master bedroom or redecorating them into a style that’s currently on trend will make it more irresistible. It’s something you only ever have to do every few years so your money will go a long way.

Planning permission

We mentioned earlier about planning permission and it may well be worth applying for it for some form of inanimate addition to the house so that you can inform buyers and save them the hassle of applying for it themselves.

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