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A Handy Guide To Buying New Windows For Your Home

Your guide to getting the perfect replacement windows

What would you consider to be the most important feature of your property? Surely your windows would rank high in the list, for a series of reasons. 

Much of your home’s appearance is determined by the style of your windows, and they also keep the place secure (or at least they should do), drive sunlight indoors, and provide you with an external view so that we can see what’s going on outside when inside. 

With that in mind, it’s imperative that you get your windows replaced if they are no longer properly fulfilling one of these roles. 

However, take care with your window buying and follow this guidance to ensure that you get the right replacements and right installation company.

Window style

A home needs to have its own individual character and it’s often its windows that influence this. Whatever you do, don’t pick windows that lessen that character. 

Permaframe supplies a range of window styles, including casement windows (one of the most classic styles), bay and bow windows (well-suited to period properties) and tilt and turn windows (the easiest window style to clean).

Opt for a like-for-like window style if you want to play it safe, and think about functionality too.

A kitchen window

Window material

You will find that Permaframe manufactures its windows from two materials – UPVC and aluminium, which are very different to each other, but both very energy efficient. 

UPVC appeals to people who want windows with a low price tag, and the material is also fully weather-resistant, not likely to rust or corrode, without any maintenance requirements.

Aluminium windows can also handle the elements, and have the most amazingly sleek sightlines, which enables a high proportion of glass to be incorporated into their design.

An oak coloured window

Window fitter

To get quality replacement windows fitted to the highest standard, they need to be purchased from a quality window installer. Google is your friend in that regard. 

Visit the search engine to find window installers who fit their products in your area, and look up reviews of any of the installers that come up so that you can assess whether they are up to the job. 

See if any of the installers have an industry accreditation. Permaframe is a member of FENSA, the industry’s biggest and best-known trade association.

A window fitter

The recent reopening of our showroom means that you can come and view our replacement windows and talk to our team in person. It’d be great to see you.

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