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How To Heat Your Conservatory Effectively In Winter

Winter has officially set in, with major snowfall and temperatures at an all time low! It’s more important now than ever to make sure your conservatory is heated effectively. Don’t settle for icy temperatures in your conservatory, here is our advice on how to stop the chill breaking through.


Replacement windows and doors

Just by switching out your old traditional single glazed windows and doors for double or triple glazed windows and doors, can be hugely beneficial.

Traditional single glazed windows don’t have the same energy efficient properties, that are essential to keeping the almost arctic weather conditions that we see in Britain at bay. If you have these windows, then you are ultimately allowing heat to escape, which means that it will be colder and you’ll need to turn up the heating. Consequently, your energy bills will be much higher!

Our range of  windows, come in a variety of colours combinations, sizes and applications. All our replacement windows are made with the highest quality UPVC or Aluminium – making your home warmer, quieter and totally secure. Our double glazed and triple glazed windows are one of the most energy efficient on the market.


This might not seem important if you already have heating, but ensuring your conservatory is insulated, is another way of saving a lot of money and keeping you warm over the winter period.

You don’t have to break the bank to receive excellent energy efficient insulation. You can get it fairly cheap, which means you can quickly start saving money and enjoying your conservatory all year round.


It may seem obvious, but heating is the most important factor to keep in mind, to stay warm. Don’t sit in perishing conditions and suffer this winter. Make sure the elderly members of your family have heating which is in good working order and condition. For a conservatory, installing a radiator, or two, can be really effective.


Permaframe can help you create a much toastier conservatory this winter, with our energy efficient home improvements. Find your local showroom today!

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