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Heating Bills Rise 63 Per Cent In Five Year Period

The vast majority of our major energy companies have announced a rise in gas bills over the past few weeks with those yet to do so expected to follow suit early in the New Year. This is one of a series of price rises that have taken place over the past few years.

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Consumer experts uSwitch have calculated that the average heating bill costs 227 pounds more per year now than it did five years ago which works out at a rise of 63 per cent. The current annual heating bill stands at 587 pounds with the total combined energy bill totalling an eye-watering 1,334 pounds per year.

Because of this unprecedented rise in the cost of gas and electricity it is widely expected that many UK families will sacrifice heat and light in their home at certain times during the winter just so they can afford to pay their bill.

This can have a serious implication on health, particularly a lack of warmth for those of an elderly age as forecasters are predicting that we are in for a bitterly cold winter. Some of those will resort to wearing a few extra layers of clothing which whilst comforting is not practical.

What is practical is trying to make your home as energy efficient as you possibly can so that you do not get charged a fortune for your energy bills, have a consistently comfortable home and save a good bit of money. A warmer home definitely makes for a happier home.

To do this you definitely need double glazing in Bath, double glazing in Somerset and double glazing in Taunton as it eliminates heat loss and makes use of every single bit of energy produced by a boiler. None of it goes to waste which enables you to use your heating system more sporadically but without it having a negative effect on the warmth felt indoors.

The less energy used in your home, the better it is for the planet as one of the primary reasons why energy bills are so expensive nowadays is because too many of us are over using energy unnecessarily. New windows will prevent you from having to do that anymore.

Once the windows have been installed look to get a new set of doors fitted to make further savings on energy. It also pays to utilise as little energy as possible when your home is left unoccupied.

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