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Why Your Heritage Home Is Easily Improved

Whether you’re intent on moving home or have no plans to relocate elsewhere in the long-term future you should try and enhance the property with suitable home improvement products. It’s not quite as straightforward to do this if you own a period or Heritage home or residence situated in a conservation area.

Olive Grey Flush Casement Windows

Your motivation for making improvements could be because the appearance of your Heritage home has begun to suffer and deteriorate. In order to this, the products you choose must complement the architectural styling of the property and fully comply with rules and regulations if it is a Listed Building. Ideally, they should also exceed the expected standards of thermal efficiency, security, acoustics and need little or no maintenance. Contrary to popular belief, traditional white coloured UPVC windows aren’t the sole option for householders.

We say that as technology has really progressed in recent times and resulted in the development of affordable solutions specifically designed for Heritage properties. These solutions possess all the thermally efficient, secure and noise reducing qualities that these types of households require, plus they’re maintenance-free and don’t need the time-consuming upkeep that timber demands. They promise everything rolled into one offering.

One of the most significant Heritage-inspired products to be unveiled to the world in recent times is ‘Envisage’ – a modern update of the traditional Flush Casement Window. Reminiscent of the very first timber glazed windows, it features modest lines and has a sash that sits perfectly within its frame.

Now a permanent fixture in the Permaframe range, the Envisage Flush Casement is expertly proportioned and can be finished in a number of authentic colours and you can furnish it with various accurately styled hardware pieces.

Aside from being blinded by the timber-like beauty of Envisage, you will also be the beneficiary of immense security and insulation – essentials in the 21st Century.

Click here to get the full lowdown on Envisage.

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