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Homeowners Sacrificing Heat To Cut Energy Bills

The winter months have not reached yet their conclusion but there have some frightening statistics have already been released. Consumer experts uSwitch have discovered that 7 out of 10 households have gone without heating at some point this winter to try and save money, with 80 per cent of those surveyed saying that household energy has become unaffordable.

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This issue of expensive energy just will not go away and is affecting people throughout the UK. No-one should go cold to try and save on energy but in most cases they do not have any choice. As long as suppliers continue to pass on rises to the humble homeowner the problems will continue and fuel poverty figures will reach an unassailable level.

Particularly consideration needs to be given to those of an elderly age. Going without warmth at this time of year can have an adverse effect on health, and the older you get; the higher the chances are of catching cold-related illnesses. You also need to realise that energy consumption will inevitably be at its highest at this time of year, so when the warmer months of the year arrive you need to make the most of them.

The first step taken to ensure that cold in the home does not become an issue is to install double glazing in Bath, double glazing in Somerset or double glazing in Taunton. A single glazed window will allow a huge amount of outdoor air to pass through it which results in living spaces become cold and unpleasant. Double glazing will prevent cold air from getting in and trap much of the hot air that is generated inside your abode. It will never let you go cold.

Whether you choose to have UPVC windows or aluminium windows installed, each material is specifically designed to ensure that insulation in the home is improved. They are also extremely durable so virtually nothing can get through them, weather and intruders included.

When you compare how much it would cost to heat your home with single glazing installed compared to double glazing you will see soon why buying a new set of windows is such a good idea.

You should also dress yourself appropriately for the time of year. Walking round your home in the middle of winter in shorts and a t-shirt is not recommend. Wear a nice thick top and trousers, combine it with a thermally efficient home and hey presto, cheaper energy!

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