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Homespiration - How To Create A Beautiful Home Setting

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We doubt you will have ever spent so much time at home as you have over recent weeks and you shouldn’t have wasted a second of it. 

If you feel you could be getting more out of your home, which you almost certainly will be able to, some ‘homespiration’ is what you need. 

Where you get that ‘homespiration’ from can come via many sources, including the many home influencers there are on the Internet. 

They have the foresight to unleash the full potential of any home, whether it be an old cottage or brand new studio apartment. 

It’s their expertise we have paid attention to when compiling this ‘homespiration’ advice for our customers:

Follow the crowd and go open-plan

Open-plan living has really taken off in recent years and this has resulted in most house builders introducing open-plan areas in the properties they built, most often used as kitchen-diner-living spaces. 

No desire to move, but have a desire to enjoy an open-plan home lifestyle? A remodelling of your home could make it possible, even if it’s a Victorian terrace or old semi-detached house. 

Open-plan spaces have a distinct atmosphere, one that’s both cosy and private. You also want it to feel lovely and bright in the daytime and provide the practicality that the whole family needs. Don’t start work on going open-plan until you have thought these vital points through first.

Make up a little window seat

It’s always nice to have a bit of time on your own somewhere in the house, even if it’s only for a matter of minutes. 

In the wintertime, it’s best spent in a comfy armchair next to a roaring hot fire, but a window seat is a better place to while away some time during the lovely summer months. 

You will hopefully have at least one window where you can put a bench or trunk underneath, covered with a padded base, and bury your head in a good book or just watch the world out of the window.

Create zones in your garden

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be allowed to holiday abroad over the summer, but that’s OK, you can just holiday at home and have an equal amount of fun. 

It’ll be the garden that plays a key role in your home holidaying plans. For a bigger-sized garden, we would suggest that you split it into three different zones, for the following three purposes – dining, playing and unwinding. 

We eat al fresco when in a foriegn country, so why not at home too? To avoid having any of the kid’s water fights break out in your eating area, give them a playing area where they can run around freely with their water pistols. 

When everyone is ready to turn in for the night, forget about heading up to bed and camp outdoors. You can all pitch your tents in the unwinding zone and have your breakfast amongst birdsong when you wake up.

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