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How Do I Get Planning Permission For A Conservatory?

Expanding space at home via a conservatory installation has become highly fashionable in recent years and the trend shows no sign of slowing.

Planning Permission

Aspiring conservatory owners need to be aware though that there is a possibility they may need to obtain planning permission before work can begin on building them that dream home extension.

First things first, if the proposed conservatory fits the criteria needed to be considered a “permitted development” you won’t need to apply for planning permission.

What is a “permitted development”?

In an effort to encourage more householders to extend their properties, the government relaxed the rules for home extensions.

Currently, an 8-metre extension or 6-metre extension can be added to a detached property without planning permission and enjoys “permitted development” status.

What if my proposed conservatory isn’t a “permitted development”?

“Permitted development” rights generally won’t be applicable when the extension will be taller than the highest part of your house roof or you’re looking to fit a single-storey rear extension that has a height of more than four metres.

In these circumstances you will need to make a planning application to your local authority. You have to pay a fee for the application (£172 in England) and should send all supporting documentation with it so that your intentions can be thoroughly assessed by the planning department.

Your neighbours will normally be informed of the plans and they will be publicised somewhere close to where you live so that people have the opportunity to raise any objections. It will take a minimum of eight weeks and maximum of 13 weeks to find out whether your application has been successful.

When your plans are turned down the relevant planning department will give their justification for their decision, if however you feel that the application has been turned down unfairly, you can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Never be tempted to ignore planning permission obligations!

It will prove to a big and very expensive mistake if you choose to go ahead with a conservatory installation without necessary planning permission.

This is a planning breach and you could be forced to either make a retrospective planning application or return your home back to how it was, even if this means knocking the extension down.

Permaframe knows planning inside out

Any decent conservatory supplier will handle all planning permission-related requirements on your behalf and Permaframe is no different. You will barely need to do anything, except of course ask us a for a FREE conservatory quotation today.


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