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How To Make A Conservatory Useable 365 Days Of The Year

With UK house prices escalating and salaries failing to rise at the same rate as inflation, millions of Britons are faced with no other option but to remain in their existing homes.

P-Shaped Conservatory

Some of these people rely on their conservatory but are unable to utilise it any more to overcome any shortage of space because it feels too cold in winter and too hot in summer.

The finger of blame can usually be pointed at the roof as it plays an integral role. Many old polycarbonate/glass roofs dip in performance as father time gets hold of them.

This has led to an upsurge in the solid roof market.

Installing a solid roof to an existing home extension costs a fraction of what you would have to pay for an entirely new conservatory and makes it useable again for 365 days of the year due to its incredible thermal efficiency. The comfort level inside the structure will be instantly restored back to how you remember, even better in fact, and it only takes a matter of hours to have it in place.

Other benefits are that a solid roof will dramatically reduce any glare from the sun and cut the volume of noise caused by rainfall, sleet etc.

The solid roof design also expertly mimics the styling of many traditional roofing systems and can therefore be sympathetically assimilated into an existing conservatory. It will never have looked more aesthetically-pleasing than it does with a solid roof covering.

All thoughts of moving elsewhere will likely subside when you discover just how effective the solid roof is at revitalising the entire feel of your conservatory.

To find out more about how a solid roof installation can make your old conservatory worthwhile again please give us a call or visit our Frome showroom.

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