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Iceland The Answer To Cheaper Energy Bills?

Literally every avenue has been or is being explored to help people bring down the cost of their energy bills. Experts have advised that people shop around for the cheapest tariff to avoid paying over the odds, whilst consumer campaigners such as Which? have launched the Big Switch with the specific intention of providing UK homeowners with more affordable fuel.

Another idea has been mooted in the past couple of days and it strangely involves the volcanoes of Iceland!

According to reports, Energy Minister Charles Hendry is travelling to Reykjavik in the next few weeks to discuss connecting the UK to Iceland’s supply of geothermal electricity as created by the country’s abundance of volcanoes. The energy produced would be pumped through to the UK via a series of high-voltage cables laid on the ocean floor.

Whether this innovative concept comes to fruition is unclear, but there is a clear need to assist the UK homeowner in driving down the cost of energy bills. Millions are being driven into fuel poverty with several more faced with no other choice but to live in debt to their current energy supplier.

This is an unhealthy situation to be in as not only does it leave people short of money, but it can also have severe implications on their overall health and well-being due to them having to go without heat even when they need it most.

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