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Introducing The Loggia Conservatory

Millions of existing British homeowners are being squeezed out of the housing market, preventing them from making that next step up the property ladder.

This growing trend has seen a rise of interest in home extensions and the newest home extension to be developed is the Loggia conservatory; an extension that a lot of people won’t know so much about…yet!

Learn about the Loggia

Engineered by the British and designed by the Italians, the Loggia is inspired by the Italian Renaissance era and the handiwork of a leading architect during that period, Filippo Brunelleschi. We refer to it as a conservatory, but there is also a definite resemblance to the orangery in its design.

One of the most prominent features of the Loggia is the immensely strong solid corner columns and the design itself inventively combines light and sky in one united structure. Walk inside a Loggia and you are struck by the beauty of the internally plastered walls and ceiling.

Thermally efficiency is a big concern for anyone buying an extension and the Loggia comfortably delivers on this front. It offers incredibly low U-Values as it contains an energy efficient roofing system and high insulating windows to banish any chance of the extension succumbing to exceptionally warm or cold weather. You should also know that a Loggia consumes half of the warmth that a similarly sized conservatory consumes if you’re keen to keep the cost of energy bills down.

The internal pelmet can accommodate spotlights and speakers if you want artificial light and sound to invade the space and you can also include extra elements to the design such as a cornice and traditional sash windows.

Fast Installation

When you set your eyes on a Loggia and level of detail it exhibits you probably imagine that the installation process is lengthy. Surprisingly, most Loggias can be constructed faster than it would take to build a brick extension or block and render conservatory or orangery. It’s also likely to satisfy building regulations, so there will no hold up in getting the extension up.

Don’t be perturbed by the speedy installation as Loggia conservatories have the lasting qualities needed to supply you with a fabulously extravagant setting for 20 years or more.

Have we sold the Loggia enough to you? Are you similarly stuck on the property ladder and thinking about extending space? Grow it in the most fashionable way imaginable with a Loggia from Permaframe.


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