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Is Triple Glazing Any Better Than Double Glazing?

It was very difficult to get your hands on triple glazing in this country until a few years ago when more and more window companies began stocking it in their respective ranges.

Triple Glazing

They did so as there was an increased demand for the finest thermal efficiency in the home due to the spiralling cost of energy and the need for householders to reduce their carbon footprints. There was also the inference that triple glazing supplied greater noise insulation than double glazing.

But is triple glazing worth the extra investment? That’s a question that many of our customers ask and we always outline the following facts:

  • Testing has shown that a reliable UPVC triple glazed window offers a U-value of just 1.0 W/m²k. This makes it 40% more thermally efficient than a normal “A” rated double glazed window and 60% more thermally efficient than a normal “C” rated double glazed window.

  • Whether triple glazing makes a considerable difference in terms of reducing noise for those live on a busy road is more open to debate. Sound is renowned for passing through a solid more easily than it does through air. What this means is that for a window to be an effective noise reducer it would need to contain glass panes of various thicknesses. Therefore, when a triple glazed window has glass and cavities of the same thickness, any reduction in noise will be extremely minimal. It has to have the correct sealed unit.

  • The price difference between triple glazing and double glazing is marginal nowadays. You can secure triple glazed windows for not much more than you would pay for double glazed windows.

  • The extra pane of glass in a triple glazed unit will provide an extra barrier between your property and the outside world to help make it more secure.

Any further questions that you have in relation to triple glazing can be answered by one of our experienced consultants – they have an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of windows! To speak to them you can either give us a call or ask them what you need to know in person at our fabulous showroom.




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