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How To Keep Your Home Secure This Holiday Season

Christmas is now less than three weeks away and we imagine that come Christmas morning your house will be full of presents – that’s presuming that you and the rest of your family aren’t on Santa’s naughty list!

Speaking of Santa, he should be the only person able to gain access to your home in the middle of the night. Intruders and any other uninvited guests that attempt to break-in and take possession of any presents must be stopped from doing that.

To be guaranteed of this, your home security needs to be fully up to scratch and strengthened to seal the place off from everyone but Santa.

We gift you our best home security tips for this Christmas and beyond…

Conduct regular lock checks

In 2015, it was found that around 20 per cent of burglaries in England and Wales over the previous 10 years involved access through unlocked doors and open windows.

Extra vigilance is needed as when burglary occurs in these circumstances it can invalidate a person’s home insurance.

Before exiting your home or heading up to bed, go around the entire house and check that all windows and doors, including those in any outbuildings, are property fastened shut.

Put your presents away

After all the presents have been opened on Christmas morning we suggest that you avoid displaying them openly as you never know who’s peering through your window eyeing them up.

You and the kids should put all of your presents away in the bedroom or at least in a room where they cannot be seen by people on the outside.

Resist the temptation to post any images of your Christmas presents on social media, as again you don’t know who might be looking at your profile.

Organise a house-sitter

Not everyone will be spending Christmas at home. Some may be heading abroad to see in the festivities in sunnier and warmer climes.

If you’re away from your home this Christmas ask a trusted friend, neighbour or relative if they can keep an eye on the place in your absence.

All they need to do is pop in a couple of times each day, preferably in the morning and at night, to remove any post from your letterbox and close/open any curtains.


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