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Looking To Replace Your Conservatory Roof - How About A Solid Roof?

Conservatories are really meant to come into their own over busy periods like Christmas and New Year as they’re the perfect setting for opening presents on Christmas morning and eating the annual turkey dinner.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Unfortunately though, hundreds of conservatories in the region will have been left empty over these two undoubted highlights in the calendar, not because they’ve fallen out of fashion, but because they fail to provide sufficient thermal efficiency.

Be honest, would you like to spend Christmas in an icy cold conservatory? We thought not.

That shouldn’t spell the end for these conservatories; indeed, they will enjoy a completely new lease of life when you exchange their existing roof for a solid roof system.

What is a solid roof?

It is a very lightweight roofing system consisting of either replica tiles or slates that can take the place of an old glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof. The existing base of the conservatory can be retained and no additional structural support or building regulations approval is normally required.

The level of insulation offered by a solid roof far exceeds that of a glass or polycarbonate roof and ensures that a conservatory is both warm enough to use in winter and cool enough for summer. It will become a space for all seasons.

Can the design be adapted?

Absolutely! We give you the option of including roof windows in the solid roof if you’d like extra light to travel through and an extra source of ventilation if it’s ever needed.

How long does it take to install?

That’s a further beauty of a solid roof. Most solid roof installations can be completed in just a few days with us being able to make a conservatory at least watertight within a single day during the fitting phase.

Come see a solid roof with your own eyes

Visit our showroom in Frome to see an example of a solid roof conservatory and experience how it would be to spend the next Christmas and beyond in one.

We have also put a brochure together, solely dedicated to solid roof conservatories that you can download for FREE. It provides you with a detailed breakdown of the various differences a solid roof can make to new and existing conservatory designs.



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