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Looking To Replace Your Conservatory Roof? Try A Solid Roof

Thousands of conservatories will be completely out of bounds this winter. Why? Because the wintry weather causes them to get extremely cold.

Tiled Roof Orangery in Rosewood Woodgrain

If you’re a conservatory owner and this is a problem that you can relate to, don’t allow the cold climate to ruin any plans you had on hosting the annual Christmas dinner inside your old home extension.

The issue can be resolved with one simple modification – replacing your existing conservatory roof for a solid roof.

New roof, new life for your conservatory

Manufactured using the Guardian Warm Roof™ system, a solid roof will provide your conservatory with year-round thermal efficiency. Even in the coldest conditions, the weather won’t be able to get into the space.

It comes in either lightweight tiles or lightweight slates, depending on which you would prefer. Both the tiles and slates are incredibly similar to traditional tiles and slates, the main difference being that they will not suffer from cracking and general dilapidation. The finish applied to them will also remain intact.

Once you have settled on tiles or slates, our designers will craft a solid roof covering that will sit perfectly on top of your existing structure. We don’t need to remove anything but the current roof!

A room with a view

You will of course already enjoy spectacular views of the rear of your home from your conservatory, but you can also have stunning aerial views. How? Include one or more roof windows in the solid roof.

A little natural light will be lost post-installation of a solid roof, but roof windows will also give the sun a pathway into the interior to leave it feeling bright and inviting.

Gain permanent conservatory living with Permaframe

You can get it for less too at the moment as we are currently offering 30% off all solid roof orders. Check out our Offers page to find out more.

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