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Love Your Home In Lockdown - 3 Easy DIY Ideas You Can Do

Love Your Home

There’s always something to be doing around the house and in a lockdown situation, what better time to do them?

We could be confined to our homes for a while yet and you’ll find you enjoy being indoors more if you love the place to live.

So, get those home improvements that have been on the ‘to-do’ list for too long sorted and make the most of this unprecedented time we have off.

Here’s what you could be doing yourself to stay busy, healthy and active and to create a better home…

Add a little lick of paint to freshen up rooms

A day’s work that will make such a difference is touching up or completely repainting one or more of your rooms.

If fully repainting a space, opt for pale / white colours if you want to give the impression of space or choose one of the various colour trends of the spring season; a peach or pistachio maybe?

For a nice colour contrast, paint your skirting and doors in different finishes, and use a stain blocker to avoid any watermarks from bleeding through the new paint.

Tip One

Repair the old and create the new

You can’t get the local handyman or woman in at the moment, so you need to fix things yourself.

Got scratches on a piece of wooden furniture? Believe it or not, rubbing a walnut on them can help them vanish. Leaky bathroom or kitchen pipe? A tightening of a nut could stop it. Nail holes in a hole? Some putty, sanding and repainting will sort it. If you get stuck, there’s always a YouTube video you can watch for assistance.

Make new things too from the old. An old chest of drawers could make for a nice wine table or repurpose an old suitcase or briefcase so that it matches your home decor.

Tip Two

Make the best of your garden

Count yourself extremely fortunate if you have a garden and get using it as much as you can to get some much-needed fresh air.

Pretty it up by mowing the lawn, weeding, pruning and planting, while also scrubbing or repainting your fences, jet washing the patio and cleaning the summer house.

We’ve all heard of bringing the outdoors in, but why not take the indoors outdoors and extend your living space on those lovely spring days. Setup seating areas for the adults and dens for the kids.

Tip three

If you were planning to extend this year, you can still get the ball rolling for when it’s possible for Permaframe to come and grow your home. Using our FREE online design appointment service, you can start your home extension project with one of our designers who will help you discover your home’s true potential.

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