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Make Energy Bills Manageable With Permaframe

There seems no end in sight to high energy bills. British Gas have recently announced a rise of up to 6% for their services as well as talk surrounding other providers also increasing prices for their offerings. There are also requests from the powers that be to simplify tariff energy options for homeowners to make their energy bills more manageable and easier to predict and afford.

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With so many chances in the price of energy and homeowners inability to predict what’s around the corner when it comes to price hikes it is time for you to take charge of your energy efficiency and invest in new double glazing in Bath. New double glazing allows homeowners to take back the ability to save money every month and that will not be affected by increasing energy bills to the extent of those whose homes cannot provide them with a platform to stop energy escaping through windows.

Double glazing in Somerset which is energy efficient provides a more than reliable barrier that the outdoor cold cannot get through and your indoor heat cannot get out of. You will then be able to keep your thermostat turned down and begin to reap the benefits as your home will stay warmer for longer and you won’t be using anywhere near as much heating.

Permaframe are able to help you with assessing your homes energy bills and then calculating your potential savings with energy rated ‘A’ glass. The highest rated energy glass gives you optimum energy efficiency capabilities and therefore higher energy saving.

Resorting to wearing layers of clothing during the winter months will no longer be necessary as you will continually feel a warm glow in your stomach. New double glazing is not a myth when it comes to improving your home and especially your thermal efficiency. You will be able to stay warm and keep your energy bills at a manageable rate for many years to come.

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