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Make The Indoors Feel Like The Outdoors With Bi-Folding Doors

We hate to tempt fate, but hopefully we’ve seen the back of the winter weather and can now look forward to a sustained period of warmth through until the summer months, and possibly beyond then.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

The first sign of sunshine and hotter temperatures seems to draw us Brits towards our gardens where we usually love to do nothing more than sit out with a cold drink in our hands and try our hands at barbecuing.

It’d be really convenient when you have an urge to do that to have bi-folding doors integrated into the back wall of your house or into the section of your extension that faces out to the garden for sophisticated accessibility.

Patio doors and French doors can serve a similar purpose, but not quite to the extent of a bi-fold as this door solution can be completely folded to the end of the track it runs along, leaving you with a huge unrestricted opening.

You can have a bi-folding door consisting of up to 7 panes which will cover a considerable distance. Tight for space, but desperate for a bi-fold? Bi-fold doors can be made with as few as two panes. Large or small, a fully opened bi-folding door will transform home and garden into one giant living space and blur their identities.

Every chance you get you will use them, not least because of the pleasurable feeling you experience each time you give them a gentle push and feel them float across – there’s something almost theatrical about it. You’d never think it takes so little effort to make a bi-fold move when you consider it has a robust aluminium frame and gigantic expanses of glass.

When looking at a bi-fold you barely notice the aluminium frame due to its sleekness. All you see is glass and that’s beneficial when you’re stuck indoors as the external views are nothing short of amazing. The thermal qualities of the glazing mean that you will feel the warmth of the sun surging through and won’t have to use your heating much at all during the summer.

Set a new trend for bi-folding doors in your city, town or village. Buy them from Permaframe now and you will receive up to a third off their usual cost price*. More details of this are on our Special Offers page.

*Only available for quotes requested from 1st April 2019.








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