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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy A Home Extension For Summer

Summer will be here before you know it and we have already had a little taste of what it could be like after an unseasonably warm end to February. It might have got you in the mood for extending your home with a conservatory and orangery so that you can fully embrace the summer weather whilst indoors.

Livin Room Orangery in White UPVC

If it has, our biggest piece of advice to you would be not to sit on those plans and wait. You need to get things moving now if you expect to be kicking back and relaxing in the cute confines of a conservatory in a few months’ time.

You will thank us for the heads up as it’s totally in your favour not to rush a conservatory or orangery installation…

There is a lot of planning involved

It’s not until you sit down with a design consultant that you realise quite how much you have to think about.

You will be asked questions such as the following: What style of extension do you want? Would you like a solid roof? Are you happiest with UPVC or aluminium? Do you want to include a set of French, patio or bi-folding doors? What coloured finish should we apply to the frames?

Our installation team will also have to come out to your home and survey the area where the proposed extension will be built, taking several measurements as they do so.

Once all of this has been done, we can create a 3D digital version of the design for your final approval.  

Planning approval may be needed

You may get lucky and your new extension is considered to be a ‘Permitted Development’, in which case you won’t need to obtain planning permission. Find out more about Permitted Developments here.

If it isn’t a Permitted Development, you must fill in and submit a planning application to your local planning department who will assess whether the extension complies with planning laws. You can expect to receive a reply within 8-13 weeks.  

When the application is refused they will give you their reasoning behind the decision. You can then modify the design in accordance with their feedback and submit a further application which they will again analyse and either accept or reject. It can be a slow process.

Extended living takes some getting used to

You will sense the second you first walk into your new extension that it feels like no other room in the house as the whole atmosphere will be different.

It’s only once you start experiencing the space that you uncover different ways of using it and you may find yourself toying with various layouts until you come across a set-up that you’re completely comfortable with.

Then you can start inviting friends and family members over to help you enjoy the extension.


You will find a host of home extensions at Permaframe’s Frome showroom. Visit us today and let’s get your extension sorted for summer.




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