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Orangery Or Conservatory? Which One Would Suit Your Home This Summer

Home extensions are very much in demand at the moment and one of the hardest decisions any aspiring home extension owner faces is trying to choose between an orangery and conservatory.

We cannot give you a definitive answer as to which is best because we rate them equally as good. However, what we can do is give you a guide to the various benefits of the orangery and conservatory to help you make up your own mind.



It was back in the 15th Century that orangeries first started being developed. Their original purpose was to help fruit trees grow, something that drew the attention of many of the country’s aristocrats in the 17th Century, who would regularly ask for this beautifully elegant structure to be fitted at their lavish residences.

Nowadays the orangery is predominantly integrated into an existing building (house) but it wasn’t unusual for them to be constructed as a stand-alone building back then. The inclusion of a Lantern roof is how an orangery receives so much natural sunlight.

Notable features of the orangery

  • An orangery uses a considerable amount of brickwork
  • It contains solid brick pillars
  • The windows are lengthy
  • They can be constructed from UPVC, aluminium or timber



Conservatories date back to the 17th Century when they were immensely popular throughout Europe. The reason for their popularity was due to how similar they were to the traditional glass houses that were most prominent during that period and how useful they were when it came to helping vegetation grow.

They really began to take off in the 1970s when advancements in insulated glazing helped to make them more energy efficient, something that appealed to domestic householders. As demand grew for conservatories from the 70s onwards, more and more conservatory styles were created to complement old favourites like the Edwardian and Victorian designs.

Notable features of the conservatory

  • Uses a high volume of glass
  • Has an expansive glass roof and large walls
  • Contains a dwarf or solid wall
  • Built from UPVC, aluminium or timber

The main benefits of an orangery or conservatory

  • Extensive new living space
  • Adds to the resale value of your home
  • Brings your home closer to your garden
  • Energy efficient all-year round
  • Multi-purpose for your needs

Pick your favourite at Permaframe

We hope that we have helped give you more of an idea whether an orangery or conservatory is most likely to prove to be the right form of home extension for you throughout summer and beyond.

If you’re still in two minds deciding then you need to come and visit our Frome showroom where we have a selection of orangeries and conservatories on display.



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