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Permaframe Brings Old Conservatory Back To Life

A common complaint amongst new customers visiting our Frome showroom is that their existing conservatory no longer provides the warmth and stylishness that it once did.

It can be hugely frustrating when you have a huge amount of space that’s no longer useable because it either gets too cold in winter or too hot in summer, or indeed both; we hate to see space go to waste.

After 2

Permaframe always informs those in this situation that it is possible for us to modify their conservatory so that they can once again utilise it whenever they feel the urge to.

After 3

This is happened very recently when we were appointed to transform an old conservatory in Trowbridge, Wiltshire. The customer inherited the original Conservatory when they purchased the house three years ago.

(The top 3 photos are the ‘after’ shots, with the below 3 the ‘before’ shots).

When we arrived at the house we were greeted by a conservatory that, let’s face it, had seen better days, but there was no need to start from scratch as we adapted the existing design into something more eye-catching and energy efficient.

Before 1

Before 2

Before 3

Now the occupants of the house will be able to get accustomed to conservatory living once again and because of the sheer size of the design there’s plenty to enjoy. The views of the garden alone, particularly now that we’re moving into spring, will be something you could never tire of enjoying, either alone or together with other family members.

The new steeper roof will only help add to the spaciousness and provide excellent noise insulation against the elements, creating a room that they can use all year round.

We’re pleased to say that the owners of the house were delighted with the end result.

Wanting a conservatory transformation of your own? Contact Permaframe and let us give your conservatory a new lease of life.

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