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Permaframe Double Glazing Can Improve Your Home

Although installing double glazing in your home is a relatively straightforward step the process of choosing the right style of windows can be a difficult one. Permaframe have been designing and installing double glazing in Somerset for over 25 years and are very experienced in helping each homeowner find the right product for their property. This short article will look at several different styles of windows and will help you understand the unique benefits that each can bring to your home.

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Tilt and Turn Windows

This style of window is a relatively new form and is becoming increasingly popular up and down the UK. The idea behind tilt and turn windows is that they tilt inwards to let air into the home but can also be fully opened inwardly in order to clean them. This style of window can make it possible to clean both upstairs and downstairs windows from inside the property which allows you to save money by not paying for a window cleaner.

Sash Window

If you have an older property or would like to bring some character into a newer property then there are few better options than the installation of sash windows. These windows are amongst the oldest styles however, they have been highly modernised through the use of UPVC and double glazing. If you are interested in double glazing in Bath then replacement modern sash windows may be an ideal fit for your property.

Georgian windows

If you want authenticity without the vertical openings that are found in sash windows then a good choice for your home may be Georgian windows. These are traditionally styled design with the well-known Georgian bar used to create the illusion of multiple small panes of glass; this can make the window far more stylish and unique than a typical casement window.

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