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Permaframe Has A Window To Suit Every Somerset Home

It is no exaggeration to say that windows play an integral part in the overall appearance of your home. They help define its character and contribute to its personality.

White Flush Casement Windows

When your windows begin to have a negative effect on aesthetics you have one of two options: repair or replace them.

Repairing old timber windows is hard and expensive work and you may have to do it all again a few months down the line. This may leave you wondering whether it’s worth all the effort.

We don’t think it is and believe you would probably be better replacing them for a contemporary set of windows. But that doesn’t necessarily mean taking the easy option and automatically choosing plain white UPVC windows, not that there’s anything wrong with them!

Permaframe offers a wealth of windows

Permaframe has a wide variety of colour, glazing and hardware options to allow a homeowner to customise their windows. Please don’t be overwhelmed by how much choice there is.

Let us give you some window buying inspiration.


A kaleidoscope of colour – that’s what you’re faced with when trying to find a finish. Away from traditional white, we have Heritage colours for those wanting a timber-effect without the maintenance, modernised classics like Chartwell Green and eye-catching reds, blues and greys to make a real splash.

Window styles

There are very distinct differences between sash windows, Georgian windows and tilt & turn windows:

  • Sash windows consist of two frames, one placed above the other. You slide one frame over the other to create an opening.
  • Georgian windows were conventionally crafted from timber, but the modern Georgian window is made from UPVC, yet still contains authentic Georgian bars.
  • Tilt & Turn windows give you to two possibilities. You can either tilt the handle to open the top of the sash inwardly, or turn the handle to make the window open inwardly from the hinges. They’re brilliant for providing ventilation.


Single glazing is unreliable, hence why we don’t provide it. Double glazing is the bare minimum requirement as the insulating cavity created by the two panes of glass helps to keep interiors warm in all weathers. Triple glazing takes energy efficiency to another level. That third pane of glass will cost you more, but the long-term savings justify the price tag.

Perfect windows from Permaframe – that’s what you will get share your ideas with one of our experienced window consultants. Come visit our showroom for a chat.


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