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Permaframe’s Pick Of This Summer’s Home Trends

Summer Trends

Not going away this summer and can’t remember the last time that you gave your home some attention? There’s no excuse then – get working on it over the next few weeks.

To help kickstart your home improvement plans, Permaframe has scoured the Internet for trends you can follow.

Summer trends this year are mostly about establishing tranquillity indoors and it’s much-needed at a time when the cost of living is sky-high and there’s so much turmoil in the world.

They’ll be great for your well-being and increase your home’s value.

Self-care spaces

If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, you need to put yourself first and making time for your hobbies will help relieve any tension.

Perhaps it’s yoga that best unwinds you, which you could do in an extension rather down at the local yoga class, or if you like to read, create a reading spot next to a large window where you can curl up and get buried in a book.

For that ultra-serene atmosphere, follow the trend of having a spa-like bathroom. So that you can soak in solace, get our privacy glazing added.

A lady in a conservatory

Biophilic design

Bringing biophilic design to your home will make your indoor and outdoor settings feel more closely connected and help it form a stronger bond with nature.

All it needs to involve is drawing in more light and ventilation, which can be great for easing stress and making homes feel bigger than they actually are.

Use one of our feature doors for this purpose, either a bi-folding door or sliding patio door, with their wide openings and abundance of glass.

A seated area next to an extension

Green finishes

Green environments have this innate ability to make us feel relaxed and at peace with things.

If your home is lacking a touch of green, ask for a green coloured finish when changing your old windows and doors.

Permaframe’s colour palette includes a series of green shades – Chartwell Green is much admired amongst our customers.

A window with a green finish

More home trends to take onboard before you do anything can be found in our new Home Edit magazine. A FREE copy of it can be downloaded here.

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