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Permanently Improve Your Home With Permaframe Double Glazing

When looking at ways to decrease you energy bills during the cold months of winter one of the first considerations you may make is to install double glazing in place of old and damaged windows. Fortunately for you Permaframe have been expert installers of double glazing in Bath and double glazing in Somerset for over 25 years. This short article will look at how Permaframe double glazing can improve your home and also details the process our team will go through in order to ensure your home is the best it can be.

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Double Glazing Benefits

The main benefits of any double glazing installation is the potential to dramatically lower heating bills and ensure that your home is highly energy efficient. This is achieved due to the higher levels of insulation provided by modern double glazing, especially when compared to single glazing. The extra glass and air gap between the panes ensures there is a thick thermal barrier between inside and outside which will reduce that amount of heat lost in your home.

Our Process

The most important thing for us is to ensure that we provide you with exactly what your home needs and ensure you are getting it for the right price. This is why we do not provide prices on our website, after all most homes are unique and as such require a bespoke solutions and a bespoke price. Our service begins with an installer visiting your home at a time to suit you, taking measurements of the windows you wish to replace and then designing and pricing new windows to a very high specification. We never cold call and we never use pushy salesmen, our installers are simply there to help you make the right decision that will improve your home the most for the lowest possible cost to yourself.

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