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Quick! Our Winter Price Freeze Doesn’t Have Long Left To Run

As disappointing as it is for us to announce this, we need to tell you that we will shortly be increasing some of our prices. 

It’s not something we ever like doing, but with the cost of materials rising, amongst other things, it has led to this unfortunate decision. 

However, these price increases won’t take effect quite yet, with Permaframe currently running a winter price freeze promotion, enabling you to get the home improvement product/s you want at their present rate to avoid any price rise. 

Pretty much everything in our range is included in the promotion, including virtually all of our living spaces, windows and doors, so nobody should be left disappointed. 

Maybe the Christmas period emphasised an urgent need to extend your home, or you could feel the cold, festive weather indoors. Whatever the motivation for coming to Permaframe, solutions are ready and waiting to be bought. 

Our prices are very competitive and they will remain so, even after the price rises kick-in, but we appreciate that you, or another customer, could possibly get a cheaper quote for an equivalent quality product elsewhere from a rival reputable installer. If this happens, don’t keep quiet about it. 

Please, notify us as we have a price promise in place that’s specifically designed to ensure that you get the best possible price. We’ll just need details of the other company, along with a copy of the original quotation (if you have it) in order to action the price promise. 

You just about have time to come to our showroom to see our product portfolio if you want a f-rst-hand look at it before committing to a purchase. 

If your mind is already made up though, click on our Special Offers page and request a FREE quote. Doing so will save you a great amount of money.

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