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Try And Reduce The Impact Of Rising Energy Bills With New Windows & Doors

Invest in energy efficient windows and doors to cut your energy costs

Who would be a homeowner! It’s such an expensive responsibility at the moment due to the increased cost of food and unprecedented energy prices. 

It was bad enough when the price cap rose to £1971 on April 1st from the previous figure of £1277, a 54% jump, but come October, it looks like it will be more like £2600+. 

Energy experts believe that these extortionate prices could be with us for at least the next two years and it certainly doesn’t help that there are so few cheap deals around. 

This makes it crucial that you’re wasting the minimum amount of energy at home, which may not be the case if you’ve yet to have energy efficient windows and doors fitted.

Energy Efficient Windows

If there’s any mould or moisture on your windows, cracks in the sealant or you notice the flame of a candle that’s close by them flickering, it’s almost certain that your windows are losing heat. 

An upgrade to UPVC Extreme windows from Permaframe could help you save on your energy bills, as they, like many of our other replacement windows, are A+ rated as standard.

An energy efficient window

Energy Efficient Doors

Any old doors at your home could also be contributing to heat loss. Inspect your doors in the same way we suggested that you inspect your windows to uncover if they’re causing heat loss. 

As a door supplier, we’re not allowed to provide replacement doors with a U-value higher than 1.8 W/m², the minimum requirement for a door to satisfy Building Regulations. You want a low U-value as it signifies a high standard of insulation. 

The U-values of every door in our range are excellent, so they will be as energy saving as a new set of energy efficient windows.

An energy efficient door

With a guarantee that lasts for 10 years, you can therefore expect our windows and doors to serve your home well for a decade or more. In the long-run, they will be worth the investment. 

Just ask us for a FREE quote and you’ll also be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our products are.

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