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Reinvent Your Conservatory With A Solid Roof

Unloved and untouched. That’s what commonly happens to traditional conservatories once they cease providing sufficient thermal efficiency.

Solid Roof

Naturally nobody wants to use a conservatory that gets freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer. We expect the internal temperature to be comfortable enough so that we don’t have to resort to pulling on a hat and scarf, or stripping down to our underwear to enjoy the spacious surrounds.

However, this doesn’t mean that the conservatory has reached the end of its lifespan, on the contrary. Solely replacing the roof can reinstall thermal efficiency and make the conservatory liveable and enjoyable again, not just for any roof though.

The solid roof is the saviour…

Compatible with an existing conservatory or orangery, solid roofs, such as the Guardian Warm Roof™ system, have outstanding thermal qualities and can totally transform both forms of home extension.

Those thinking about investing in a conservatory or orangery at the moment will be guaranteed prolonged thermal efficiency when they have a solid roof from the outset. Solid roof conservatories and orangeries can come ready supplied, rather than having a solid roof retrospectively installed years down the line once it starts failing to keep the interior warm or cool.

Solid roofs can be fitted in super quick time too as the existing windows, doors and base can be retained, so it could be in place within just a few hours.

Flexible design

The solid roof can be adapted to suit various conservatory and orangery styles. Solid roofs can even be tailored for bespoke home extension designs, no matter how intricate that design happens to be. You can also incorporate roof windows should you want to draw in natural light and ventilation from the outdoors.

Supplied as lightweight tiles, or lightweight slates, numerous finishes are available to ensure that any solid roof installation complements the structure and the house tiles.

Don’t lose faith with your old conservatory or orangery. A solid roof can save it from the scrapheap. Find out more about how it can do this by visiting our Frome showroom.


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