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Save A Shedload With Our Summer Energy Saving Tips

Though we experienced a relatively mild winter by normal British standards, many householders will have felt the pinch financially as a consequence of expensive energy bills.

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The Big Six have been roundly criticised for not passing on falling wholesale prices during the past few months onto their customers, something that energy watchdog Ofgem is currently investigating.

Now that the weather has vastly improved your reliance on gas and electricity should drop and it’s the perfect opportunity to recoup some of the cash previously splashed on energy. To make the largest savings possible follow our useful hints and energy saving tips.


Avoid overfilling the kettle with water as boiling it utilises a lot of energy. If you only need two cups of tea then measure up how water you need to fill them beforehand and add the necessary quantity to the kettle. Be certain to also only boil it when you definitely intend to have a drink, rather than re-boil two or three times.

Dishwasher and washing machine

Don’t wash cups, cutlery, plates and clothes in dribs and drabs. Completely fill your dishwasher and washing machine before activating the ‘on’ switch as it’s a far more energy efficient way of cleaning.


Utilising the shower in preference to taking a bath uses far less water and energy. It also pays to limit the amount of time you take in the shower. Perhaps set yourself a time limit as it will make a significant difference in terms of energy costs.


Whenever you leave a room empty, turn the lights off. The same goes for when you exit your home as you should resist the temptations to leave the lights on to create the impression that the property is occupied. A reliable front and back door is all you need to solve that problem which you can source from Permaframe.

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