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Show Your Windows And Doors Some Love This Valentine's Day

February 14th is edging ever closer and if you’re a true romantic at heart you will either have already bought your partner a lovey-dovey gift or be in the process of finding them a thoughtful something.

Red Composite Doors

And while you’re in an amorous sort of mood, why not pretty up your home for the occasion through your windows and doors to transform it into a romantic setting perfect for enjoying a cosy Valentine’s night in.

Ahead of displaying your culinary skills on the day itself and serving up a delicious dish (you could always cheat and order in a takeaway if your cooking talents leave a lot to be desired), focus on giving these key areas of your house a few loving touches.

Here’s our recipe for the loveliest of love nests this Valentine’s…

Give your windows and front door a good clean

Your windows and doors should look absolutely spotless and they’re more likely to be when you have UPVC windows or a UPVC / composite door as they’re far lower maintenance than a timber-crafted window or door. But even a UPVC / composite window or door can benefit from a little bit of cleaning.

Any dirt on the frame of the window or door can be removed with a sponge doused in hot soapy water and use of the sponge on the glass, followed by use of a squeegee, will make the glass gleam again.  

Red roses are a must

The tradition of gifting red roses dates back to the 19th Century when Victorians used floral arrangements and bouquets to send messages to love interests. It’s a tradition that has lasted, but if handing over a big bunch of red roses to your partner at the door is a bit too clichéd for your liking, you could always tastefully put some red roses in a water-filled vase and place it on the sill of your foremost window.

Hang a Valentine’s inspired wreath

Your front door may be looking a bit bare since you took down your Christmas wreath, but you don’t have to wait until December to hang up a wreath again.

Greet your loved one on their arrival at your home with a hand-made heart-shaped wreath (in red of course!) on your front door that you’ve either made yourself or bought. Etsy has some nice examples of the kind of thing we’re talking about.


After your Valentine’s date, book a date to sit down with Permaframe and see how our replacement windows and doors will make a big difference to look of your home as when it comes to home, looks are everything.



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