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Solid Interest In The Guardian Roof At Permaframe

A big frustration for owners of old conservatories is that they feel far too cold during the winter months and become unusable for large parts of it.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

It’s such a waste of space, literally, particularly as you could be utilising it over Christmas and New Year, and beyond in fact. The usual cause of this is the roof.

Roof performance needs to be of a sufficient standard to keep out the weather, otherwise coldness gets in far too easily. Most traditional conservatory roofs are incapable of doing this. The solution? Replace the existing roof with a Guardian solid roof.

The Guardian solid roof is fantastic at restoring thermal efficiency, helping to make conservatory interiors exceptionally warmer than before. It is comprised of slates and tiles which come in various different finishes to complement it to the slates and tiles on the roof of your house.

A key-selling point of the Guardian solid roof is that it can be incorporated into old extensions without the current windows, doors or base having to be exchanged too. This means that the installation of it is relatively simple and only requires a few hours work.

Permaframe customers love them, such as the person who commissioned this recent Guardian solid roof conversion.

They were left over the moon with the transformation and who can blame then as it has completely rejuvenated the appearance and entire feel of the conservatory. The addition of roof windows will also benefit them as the sun will be able to get in more easily, helping to heat it and provide ventilation in summer.

Guardian solid roof 2

You can enquire about a Guardian solid roof today and get a FREE estimation by calling us on 01373 452022.


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