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What Is Condensation And How Do You Stop It From Appearing On Your Windows?

As winter is just around the corner and the climate is starting to cool, you may have already started to notice condensation appearing on your windows.

Condensation is a common issue many homeowners face, especially at this time of year when outdoor temperatures start to drop. 

But, do you actually know what it is? 

Condensation occurs when moist air comes into contact with a cool surface, which is why it’s often much more noticeable throughout the winter months.

Although it isn’t something you need to worry too much about, if left untreated, condensation could lead to longer lasting issues, such as mould and damp. 

Fortunately, there are a number of simple, yet effective ways you can prevent condensation appearing on your windows before it becomes a bigger problem.

Wipe down surfaces

It’s best to remove condensation as soon as you notice it by drying wet surfaces with a cloth. You may find that it is more common in areas of your home where there is excessive moisture in the air, such as your bathroom and kitchen.

Turn your heating on 

Controlling your heating indoors can significantly reduce the amount of condensation in your home. You may find that keeping your heating on constantly at a low temperature is far better than frequently turning it on and off. 

Use an extractor fan

Using an extractor fan will help to remove the moist air trapped indoors. It’s a good idea to leave the fan on 10-15 minutes after you shower or cook to ensure you get rid of as much air as possible. 

Open your windows

Keeping your home well-ventilated is the key to preventing condensation. Simply opening your windows whenever you can will allow the warm, moist air to escape and circulate fresh air into your home. 

Replace old windows 

Old, single glazed windows may also be a part of the problem. Installing double or triple glazed windows will help to make your home more energy efficient and significantly reduce the amount of heat that can escape.

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