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Tariff Confusion Reigns Amongst Homeowners

Energy companies have long been criticised for failing to simplify the long list of tariffs they offer and have been encouraged by experts to provide clear transparency. Unfortunately it appears that the Big Six and many of our other suppliers are failing to heed this advice according to an investigation carried out by consumer campaigners Which?

Despite carrying out a similar study 12 months ago and urging companies to do more to help homeowners find cheaper energy, Which? still found that one in ten people could not identify the cheapest tariff when presented with a range of standard energy tariffs. With many suppliers offering a whole host of complicated tariffs it is easy to see why there continues to be so much confusion.

In the past couple of days, the Prime Minister has stated that he will enforce laws upon energy companies to offer customers their cheaper tariff in a bid to reduce fuel poverty figures and provide people with a better deal. However, the Energy Secretary has completely conflicted the comments of David Cameron by saying that different plans are afoot to promote more affordable energy.

What is absolutely certain is that homeowners remain in limbo where energy is concerned. Whilst the government tries to figure out exactly how they intend to help homeowners cut the cost of their energy bills, you can take steps of your own to do the same.

For instance, do you still have the original windows of your property installed and if so, have you ever thought of replacing them? If you have not then now is the time to do so as they could be hugely responsible for your expensive energy bills. This is due to the fact that the older a wooden window becomes, the more likely it is to allow heat to escape from your home and cold air to pour into it.

This occurs as the frame begins to disintegrate under the pressure of the weather and wears away so much that it can no longer insulate your home like it used to. If when walking past your windows when indoors you even feel a hint of a draught, you know that the time has come to change them.

Double glazing in Bath, double glazing in Somerset or double glazing in Taunton is the ideal form of replacement window as it cuts heat loss, promotes energy efficiency and lowers bills massively.

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