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Top 5 Benefits Of Having Bi- Folding Doors

Every summer we experience a surge in sales of one particular product and this year it is bi-folding doors.

Grey Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are brilliant when it comes to giving you an opening into the garden from your home and are stunning to look at.

Consisting of a series of individual door panels, they fold and glide across the track as they’re pushed.

There are at least five reasons why the integration of bi-folding doors will benefit the modern homeowner.

  1. Opens out your home like no other door

If you have a generous amount of space available for the fitting of bi-folding doors then you can have a 7 or 8-pane long design inserted.

The entire stretch of doors will fully concertina at one end giving you a completely unrestricted opening, something you cannot achieve with e.g. patio doors. As a consequence, your home and garden will be transformed into one giant living space.

  1. Slender frames and so much glass

Normally crafted from aluminium, bi-folding doors have amazingly slender frames which can accommodate very large pieces of glass.

Having so much glass is a huge plus as it enables lots of natural light to travel through into your household and will leave it feeling magnificently bright and spacious.

  1. It takes very little effort to open them

You wouldn’t be foolish for thinking that it requires a decent level of force to open and close an expansive bi-folding door.

The total opposite is true as aluminium is very lightweight and a two-fingered push will usually be enough to send them on their way to the end of the track.

  1. They will heat your home

Aluminium has high thermal properties and the glass within the frames also offers outstanding energy efficiency.

You can therefore expect them to keep the inside of your home thoroughly insulated throughout the year, even during a bitterly cold winter.

  1. They don’t require any maintenance

Very few people have the time or inclination to be cleaning their doors. Luckily, aluminium is a weather-resistant material and needs zero cleaning.

The only thing you will need to do is give the aluminium frames a wipe with a wet cloth occasionally and remove any stones or debris by hand or brush from the track.

Uncover more benefits of bi-folds at Permaframe

Make your own mind up on whether bi-folding doors are worthy of the hype by viewing and operating them in our Frome showroom.



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