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Top Tips To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

The weather hasn’t really bitten yet and this week provisional figures released by the World Meteorological Organization estimated that 2017 is “very likely” to be in the top three warmest years on record.

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But this is Britain after all. We know that the cold will come at some point and when it does, your home needs to be able to cope with those icy temperatures so that you don’t feel cold indoors.

That will only be the case if you have taken steps to insulate it properly and weather-proofed the property.

We have come up with three top tips of how to keep the chill out of your living space

  1. Boiler service

Have you had your existing boiler serviced recently like you would have your car serviced every year or two? If you haven’t then you need to, after all, that’s where you get your hot water and heating from.

Get in touch with a qualified engineer who can assess the current performance of the boiler, identify any issues and check that it is providing optimum thermal efficiency.

They may inform you that installing a new boiler is the best course of action. Replacing your old boiler won’t be cheap, but modern boilers are a lot more energy efficient than older models and the Energy Saving Trust estimates that it could save you £310 a year. After it’s been fitted, get it serviced annually.

  1. Replacement windows and doors

It seems a very obvious suggestion but replacing traditional single glazed windows and doors for double or triple glazed windows and doors is absolutely essential.

Wooden window and doors with single glazing just don’t have the thermal properties needed to prevent the weather from getting in. They’re also susceptible to allowing heat to escape from the house, forcing you to compensate for the absence of warmth by cranking up your thermostat and paying more for energy than you should be doing.

Seeking out window and door replacements that offer a similar style to what you already have that promise to deliver a much higher level of thermal efficiency. A modern window or door should last for a minimum of 20 years.

  1. Use your heating timer

Too many of us have our heating on in rooms that we’re not using or when we’re not even in the house – it’s a complete waste of energy and money. Your carbon footprint will also suffer, as well as the planet itself.

It costs nothing at all to use the timer on your heating system and schedule it to come on as and when you need it.

They say that the average room temperature in a UK home during the winter season is roughly around 18°C in case you’re wondering which temperature you should set the thermostat. There are even apps available nowadays that enable you to control your central heating via your mobile phone, so there’s no excuse to leave the heating on unnecessarily.

Permaframe can help you create a much toastier residence with our energy efficient home improvements. They’re all on display in our Frome showroom.

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